The World’s First and only ALL TUBE Direct Box

The Juice Box represents a major innovation and a radical departure from the way tubes have been traditionally used in audio equipment. Retrospec's design uses no audio transformer, eliminating the problems associated with transformer based direct boxes.

The result? A remarkable unit with exceptional performance features.

The Juice Box's audio circuitry is class "A" from start to finish. That and the absence of a transformer explain the conspicuously low distortion spec. It also employs a low impedance high voltage power supply, and a D.C. filament circuit just to keep things nice and quiet.

Retrospec then took one significant step further and included enough gain and headroom to be able to drive a 10k input at professional line level. Now you can go from instrument to console channel line in or direct to tape machine in one sweet clean step! Don't take our word for it; ask the artists, engineers, producers and studio owners who have put it to the test!

"Don't let the stomp box look fool you!

This is the real thing. It's a radical design and it really works" 

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